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Single-use plastic ban

Cotton bag/Sanji

Not a small thing. The new circular has been issued by the month of February. Since 2022 July, onwards single-use and single-use products have been banned again.

I started my project in bags, in early 2019, painting in cotton bags and then doing it under their brand for people and organizations. The beginnings were from there. Branding was profitable in those days because it all came together. In those days, everyone was happy and curious. Each worker was rewarded with greater happiness than profit. That little trip turned the essentials into a good business with the advent of the plastic ban in June 2019. Later a small unit of 10-15 people started growing slowly on its own and merging with Kudumbasree and corporative societies. Thus the initial 6-8 months was a race without looking back. From where we started making cotton bags, we later moved on to paper and jute products. Times ran with a lot of joy and excitement. I was so proud to be able to be a part of Iraaloom and start a small income stream. Still, the cost of materials, wages, travel, and transportation were the villain. With each step forward, it came together again and again.

Later, with the onset of the Covid-19 epidemic, nothing happened for a year. The industry shifted to online, taking on both learned and unlearned work and still standing yes. That being said, the central government has re-issued the ban circular as if the old wine was in a new bottle. No one even knew.

During the first ban, a large number of sewing units sprang up all over Kerala. Many women and housewives had jobs and incomes. The situation created by Covid-19 is dire. Many of the institutions and units that existed then do not exist today. Things have changed in a way that people can’t even work. The mood and circumstances have created an unseen challenge. Ordinary people are struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis. My journey with the construction industry is also difficult, as I said, trying to keep up with the bad conditions.

Rising commodity prices, wage labor, fierce competition for products, and declining incomes are all struggling to keep up. Attempts will not end as the conditions here are not so friendly, and then the ups and downs begin to take a turn for the worse. Go ahead with the goals.

It remains to be seen what further action will be taken under the new circular. Anyway, I see my nature-friendly business right here.

“Kannadippaya”(Mirror mat)

The Adivasis are in the forefront of making handicrafts like palm fronds, baskets and mats. The specially woven mirrorpaya (kannadippaya) in Etta is an everlasting symbol of their heritage and craftsmanship. This mat is made for the Mannar community belonging to the Kanjikuzhi Palaplavu Tribal Colony in Kerala and various tribal villages in Ernakulam, Kuttampuzha and Edukki. The standard mat is six feet long and three feet wide. Three months to make such mats. A special type of Etta is used for this purpose. It has a legacy in the past, these mirrors were offered as gifts to visitors and community managers in tribal huts.

As far as I understand, for many, many reasons, this glass weave is something that needs to be marked. It is truly an art that stands apart. No new generation other than the traditional artists of each region continues this path. Because of that, a very important art form is going out of business. It’s been almost a year since I started this journey in search of traditional artists, and the turning point in that journey was Corona and Lock Down. With the launch of iraaloom’s e-commerce platform, the availability of products became less and less, and it was from that thought that it became clear why products should be included in the e-project with those who have made but not sold. The journey started like this and reached Kozhikode Koyilandy, Malappuram Chelari, Wayanad Muttil, Thrissur and later to the tribal huts in Idukki.

I have witnessed first-hand the difficulties faced by the handicrafts scene and its artists. We take the products of about 50 people and more than 100 workers can be a godsend for this. The coming Onam and Christmas are all a hope. Currently such products are not stored and are now only made to order. There are a lot of projects being planned.

That being said, contact us for all products related to bamboo handmade products and handcrafts.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Go Green…

We can live in harmony with nature. Our earth is getting polluted every day, in many ways. The most common cause of pollution is plastic. Every day, the amount of waste we dump in the sea, in lakes, in forests, in fields, along the way is horrendous. Most of them are disposables that last for many years without being destroyed.They do not perish in the soil of the earth and have various future consequences. Contaminates groundwater and other drinking water sources. In addition to humans, the habitat of aquatic animals, animals and birds is dying.Plastic waste reaches us through the food chain. Need a change? Why do we repeatedly promote unhealthy habits? Change is inevitable, and we must return to nature. Learn to use eco-friendly products.We put forward this idea that each of our products is eco-friendly. We are getting ready to wipe the plastic as much as we can. It is up to each of you to stand together. We can reach big goals by doing small things. Some old habits can be replaced. Avoid unnecessarily reusable, non-recyclable products in your home, kitchen or office room. Instead, use natural, recyclable products. Avoid single-use products altogether. In this way we can bring about a good percentage of change.

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